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jeudi 24 mai 2012

How to get rid of a perverse relation ? For Michèle, (an mayor's wife !) who had succeeded... but lost some feathers..

... [It is worse in her case because politicians have an huge habit of manipulating, plots, double or triple gamesare, it is professional, almost vocational !]

How to get rid of a perverse relation? First, you have to know and to repeat all the time that the perverse works with the bluff, the comedy, sometimes very subtle, sometimes rough. Little by little, he had succeed to persuade you that HE is great, cleverest, like a genius indeed... and you not. Not at all. Then, that you have no value. At the beginning he always plays soft.. but the didascalia increases little and little, more and more.. So, first, you are "just a little bit without value, a very little", and at the end you are "a dirty rag unable to live without him and who exploits and abuses the poor man he is". Are you that? Yes, in a sense, but you became that zero, instead the intelligent and brave woman you were. How is it possible? I don't know and it is a kind of mystery. How people can fight and kill each others to obey at their chief is the same mystery, heavier than the first. The perverse (or the chief) chooses a special prey, a person, often a woman, if possible brilliant, but not conscient of her value, because (for instance) in her childhood, nobody has never recognised it. She has the habit to do and do.. for the others, more and more, to work efficiently, and to ask nothing... not even a thank, not even a look. The problem is previous : she is formatted like that. The curious fact is that the perverse sometimes has had almost the same passed, (he was exploited for instance by his mother who treated him like her husband)..  but he was also valorised, and that is the difference. So, he was a "king" and intends to stay it. But be a king has an inconvenient that he don't know to do anything, he cannot, because everybody had all done for him in his childhood.  So he falls in love (as you can say) with a very different person, and it seems that he chooses her as if a scent, an intuition led him to the convenient character for him. As a piece of puzzle which exactly snaps to another one. The question is that of education : two opposite, one as bad, than the other.

The fold taken, it is difficult to go back. But it is possible, even later. But you have to expect some crisis, because he doesn't like to lose, one person or his money. It is just impossible for him : he is the king and a king never is left.. under pain of death. So, he'll attack by all weapons he could find. But you have to know that he is powerful as long as you feel him powerful. If you don't care, he is just a child crying to make you turn back to him. Because he cannot live without you, and now it is clear. And the opposite is … the opposite : you cannot live with him, it is unhealthy for you.

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