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vendredi 25 mai 2012

DSK, un boutiquier comme un autre.. DSK, a shopkeeper as an other one..

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 The first picture is the cover of a book, a famous black detective story, of Francis Carco, "Some rififi (muddles) among men" ("men" in french argot can also mean "pimp"or gangster) from which was shot a film with Humprey Bogardt.

 DSK’s case in 5 points. 
Itinerary of an "innocent" 

First: "I have an alibi".. Second : "I'll don't say anything before the result of DNA.." Third : "She was consenting".. Fourth : "well, how much for a "pipe" (fellatio) ?" Fifth : "But I have parliamentary immunity! So it is free!

(About kickbacks, affair of Taïwan's frigates). "Suitcases, suitcases, full to bursting!"... Christine Deviers Joncourt, girl friend of Roland Dumas, minister : "I don't tell you the weight!" Then, of course… (Bomb attack at Karachi, 18 died, probably because the huge retrocommissions promised by Balladur -Sarko was his chief of electoral campaign- were not payed by his victorious challenger, Chirac.)

Sarko : These ass holes ! just as the fat one (DSK) was out of game! and even "Mister Muscles" (de Villepin, a tall and handsome man -that Sarko is not- who likes to show himself in bath suit to cause the other's jalousy), in the sawdust ! Please, tell me the Sofitel and I’ll tell you Clearstream! You shut up, beware. The Yugoslavs, they are not trustable. (Gaubert, a suitcases carrier in the Karachi affair was betrayed by his own wife, yugoslav, after their divorce. So did the wife of another one, Taikedine, because he didn't want to give her the money she needed -her spousal support!-)

7 september, killing of Massoud, 11 september, the twin towers.. Florence Cassez' case. "Beware, you are going to see who is Sarko".. "beware, you are going to see who is Calderon".. Sarko : "I had a dream, I would be Zorro and there were a nice prisoner (Florence Cassez) in a wild country (Mexico)... I fly to deliver her.. and everyone would forget all the pans at my tail." Florence Cassez, expiration date, 22/4/12. See from the bridge. HL

Oyez oyez, il paraitrait que le monsieur attaque Nafissatou Diallo.. je cite "pour lui avoir fait perdre des opportunités professionnelles" (sic!).. Eh oui, sans elle, il serait à présent Président de la République, pensez ! et pourrait s'amuser en paix sans des emmerdeuses pour brailler et alerter pour une petite pipe de rien du tout. Impinité parlementaire on dit.. Un gag? Il semble que non. Les américains sont des gens formidables... 

C'est sans doute juste une manœuvre pour éviter de raquer trop dur, Anne, sous son sourire impavide (raz le bol sans doute d'être devenue une sorte de rat de laboratoire haut de gamme, le paradigme de la femme trompée et bafouée par un pervers, on va sans doute en faire comme pour Dora un cas étudié en psy et il y aura des thèses sur le sujet)... Anne donc doit peut-être râler dans la cuisine : il va faire la soustraction, genre, d'accord il lui a fait perdre (outre une partie de sa vie de femme, mais ça...bof).. son mirifique boulot de femme de ménage... mais elle, celui de Président de la République pour lui.. alors hein, pour qui elle se prend ce boudin? 3 millions de dollars moins 3 millions de dollars égale zéro et hop. Société du spectacle et du fric. Espérons qu'une telle outrecuidance indisposera le juge, même américain. 

DSK, Parliamentary "impinity"*

Oyez Oyez, it would seem that DSK (now nicknamed "bitissime", from "bite" popular term for penis, and "issime" which means chief, huge, famous -that is the name of my blog about him-) is going to attack Nafissatou, I quote, because "she had made him lost professional opportunities" (sic) .. Yes, without her, it would be now President of the Republic and could have fun in peace without "emmerdeuses" ("pain in the ass makers") to yell for a small "pipe" (fellatio) of nothing at all. Parliamentary Impinité they say .. A sketch? Apparently not. Americans are wonderful people. It's probably just a maneuver, an handling to avoid to pay too hard (Anne, under her fearless smile is probably fed up of becoming a sort of lab rat, the paradigm of the deceived wife by one perverse husband.. that she must clear customs with her money, it will probably be the subject, as Breuer for "the case Dora", of lot of psychological studies, there is here for some ambitious students, a rich material for at least 50 years)... Anne must bitching in the kitchen when she does her accounts. So he'll do the subtraction : okay he has cost to Nafi her wondrous work as a cleaner (also a part of his life and dignity, but ...) .. but she, she had cost him those of President of the Republic! 3.4 million - 3.3 million less equal... and presto, it's packed weighed... For which she takes her, this dirty rag ? Society of the spectacle and money. Hope that such an arrogance will make the judge out of him, furious, even an American one. An idea: could we give a symbolic decoration at Nafissatou Diallo who alerted all of us, before we put on the throne such a guy, which would have made us an historic shame if during his tenure, other cases like Nafi  would happen in any "impinité", which probably would not fail?

* It is a pun : the real word is imunity (as for the virus!). "Impunité" (impunity) comes from from "punish", but "pine" is a vulgar french term for "penis". 

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