Ce blog parle de villages dont on s'occupe peu dans les médias, parfois miniers comme Saint Florent sur Auzonnet, niché dans une vallée retirée, envaginé au creux de montagnes, Molières sur Cèze, Le Martinet, Saint Jean de Valériscles, La Grand Combe etc... Une vie poétique et dure à faire renaitre pour tous. Germinal. Ayant filé plus loin que prévu -grâce à Aliaa Elmahdy- il est à présent bilingue français-anglais. This blog speaks about Cevennes villages unknown in media, sometimes mining (coal), Saint Florent, nestled in a secluded valley, Molières, Le Martinet, St. Jean, La Grand Combe ... A poetic and hard life revives here. Germinal (Zola). Having spun further than expected, thanks to Aliaa Elmahdy, it is now bilingual. Note: if someone finds mistakes in english, I would be pleased if he corrects them ! Thanks. Hélène Larrivé

jeudi 2 août 2012

Les femens à Londres. Femens at London.

Lien avec "femmes à venir"

  Que nous étions sages ! Une erreur..

 How timorous we were! A mistake.


La vidéo est ici (lien)

Parmi ces pays, l'Afghanistan, qui fait circuler une vidéo d'une jeune femme (24 ans) assassinée par son mari (lien) et le Vietnam, où une blogeuse est emprisonnée sans chef d'inculpation (sa mère vient de se suicider -lien- par le feu) 


Among these countries, Afghanistan, which made circulated a video of a young woman (24 years old) murdered by her husband (link) and Vietnam, where a woman blogger is imprisoned without charge (her mother committed suicide-by fire -link-)

How to get rid of a pain in the neck. A funny link. Traité de savoir vivre à l'usage des gens de pouvoir.. Treaty of etiquette for elected in power ..

Comment se débarrasser d'un emmerdeur (surtout s'il a raison contre vous). Réservé aux gens de pouvoir, réel ou vocatif (lien, le texte en français). 

For the politicians only : how to get rid of a "pain in the neck", mostly if this asshole is right against you in 8 point ! (Machiavel)

"Vote for me (assholes bands) and I will arrange 
everything of huge shit where you were thrown 
down by the "others"!"

Once upon a time..  it was an embarrassing appointment with a recalcitrant, appointment to which you have been sent by the mayor (your superior), in which you know you'll have to give something... that your boss wants to refuse, using you as fuse-screen (in a delicate case where for example it / you are in an illegal situation, say whether it's urgent work on a path become dangerous.. and that the angry man is precisely a redneck who has fallen down in this path, very dissatisfied of a bump on his ass... and for a broken promise.. yours! Quickly, you are in deep shit.

1 BE LATE, A BASIC PRINCIPLE. Deliberately you have to arrive late by half an hour or, if the interlocutor is really difficult, three-quarter of an hour (do not phone him before nor apologize, or indirectly and almost insulting manner, [you 're tired, you have had an important appointment before, you are cold, hot, or fever etc .. in short you are not anyone (implying like him.)] Never use the word "delay "but" problems "or necessity, talk of another case, of your implication everywhere, of your overwork, he will feel uncomfortable: he contributes to your fatigue. The waiting in any way will upset him and make him (maybe) lose his means. Ideally of course it ought to take place in the rain or the cold, outside, that's is the best.

2 TRY to PUSH him OF A DEPARTURE. You have consented to come, make it clear, he owes you something. During the first a part of its speech, (on a secondary point), be aloof on this point clear, take a dubiously, distracted or upset air, as a doctor whose a nurse gives him his diagnosis. Then, if necessary, be assertoric resolutely against his saying whatever the evidence of the truth that you can see (but still in a neutral tone, that of the specialist) .. and especially if it is blatant! In order to exasperate him, to make him tired out. Advertise for example if your redneck complains of a rampage (that you can see) whose a friend of you is responsible : "There is no regulation on this issue" so that: 1 there is one, of course, that you know very well, obviously ... 2 he knows it.. and knows that you know it. Guaranteed results in every way: if he ignores the law, (unlikely), it is won ! it will be silent, dismayed and this point is finished ; but if he knows the law, (and that you are lying or wrong), it is virtually certain he will be pissed, which is not bad either. If he indulges in anger, you have won.

You will hold here an excuse for long digressions which upset those who face bad faith, that will position you better. You are the one who calls to account, who can say anything. He will feel obliged to give you his sources, etc. to justify the obvious ... (It's better if you are face to face because then you can always deny having said this enormity, you'll remember more etc. .. Otherwise, act more carefully, especially if the truth is easily verifiable because that could be used against you and put you in a difficult situation : either you are a jerk or in bad faith.) if he replies, just nod your head but be careful, don't tell nothing, express nothing (silence and indifference are more destabilizing and, if the words can be reported, facial expressions can’t be!) and / or continue with something else.

If he is hard... and asks questions again, without visible aggressive or worse, with humour ("but you know it anyway, right?") made the guy who has not heard. If he insists, let go a little soft (a little humours is not bad) by pretending not to be a specialist and hurry to change the subject in digressing, citing examples ... that have nothing to do, it will (sometimes) upset him more. But if he replies calmly ...that it has nothing to do!  you can't avoid, then, you must yield, but then always find a personal argument for agree with him (never used his own: it is you who do, who think, who order, not him.) You will be time to review your position after (or even to reverse it!)

3 WHITE ARROGANCE. Pretend not to see what is in the favour of your redneck even and especially if it is obvious. Ignore it. For example, if he has cleared a path where now everybody can pass   freely, never mention it, this is normal... and even make the  surprised if he speaks of his work : "really? It was impractical?" .. and quickly change the subject. You are the one who judges and appreciates, he is the redneck who asks a favour. Better, though more difficult depending on the person, if you feel him falter, you can criticize -slightly- what he has done, even and especially if it is perfect and an hard work. It will be pissed ... or can also react with humour, then you've failed, too bad.

4 CHANGE THE SUBJECT. At a suggestion from the redneck, ("we could do by example like this") take an air of immediately indignant about this point of detail.. on various pretexts (aesthetic, practical etc. ..) And speak a long time about that, you will won time and upset the beast. Then, if he don't return to the body the subject, it is folded: there is no accord, not about the works you ought to do! but just about the methods.. and time that we hear ... (then, in case of legal problems, you could always hide you behind that point which "had blocked everything", your good faith is intact) ..

Then, if you can''t do otherwise, return to the topic by agreeing finally to the solution..  as if you yield him by pure kindness ... "Yes,  basically, you're right, I am not opposed" (you must always act as if you were asked permission, even if it is not the case because the law does not require you to agree-, it destabilizes*) but again, always find an argument yours, never use of his: what he says has no interest, you listen him just by courtesy, it is you who know, who decides, he had to understand that. Be the one who would consent (perhaps, stay resolutely vague) by long-suffering, even if you are in pretty bad trouble. You will always be time to add in fine (but not right away) that it is not you alone who decide, and that despite all your good will and justice of the cause, you can not provide any guarantee. This, it will be the last word.

5 THE "DELIBERATE BLUNDER". If another REDNECK ARRIVES (embarrassing, but it is obviously necessary to look good) be kind to him but in passing, launch him a slightly hurtful sentence, without stress, smiling. For example, if he says that he knows you, reply that you not, you don't remember him "you see so many people" etc.. it's light but can impress a redneck and make him uncomfortable ... (maybe) : you are someone important, not him. If this does not destabilize him, too bad, it had to try.

6 THE BAD FAITH. If you can, lift another reason that supposedly could prevent the works required ... For instance you have to pass through a property and the owner refuses, you can nothing with that.  Of course, it is an false pretext, but the redneck can be fooled, it's to try.  

If not, (he replies that it is impossible.. and he is right!) it is  missed, evade quickly, you have lost, do not push more. Concede him something (but never anything concrete) to save face, ignoring the bitter negotiation underpinned by a threat from your opponent. If you are bad, (he mentions a promise not kept for example), avoid, or when it is not possible to do otherwise, invoke vaguely a major cause, financial or other ... (you both know it is only a pretext) .. and continue without giving him time to respond. If your partner, decidedly rude or humorous, calmly dismisses your explanation,  look surprised and repeat firmly, as if it were obvious. This can exasperate. If this is not the case, change the subject quickly.

If you are really in a bad trip (say the redneck fell into a ditch and is thereby fairly dissatisfied) courage, go ahead with a bluff, even huge, it is to try. Threat the guy to ban (for example) the passing .. (he has no other way to reach his land, no matter, be brave!) He may flatten immediately, desperate : you have won. But it is also possible that he replies "you do not have the right to do that". Here, but only if you are alone together, you can make ​​a gesture, a mimic  (but beware, never a word) which clearly means "the right, I piss on it." However, beware of hidden cameras.

9 THE CONVERSATION from gentlemen to gentlemen..
Finally, agree with him on a theory which does not eat bread (for example, protection of earth, it works well, even if all your speech before, in fact, had to aim to justify a plunder of a common path by a "friend" yours!) You will leave reiterating that you are ecologist (!) and go talk in high places in favour of the redneck (never mention the others who pass also on the path) do like if it was his own problem, and only his own!) ... but unfortunately without certainty (even if such warranty was already given a long time ago !) It is a excellent way to return back by pretending to move things forward ! That is the principle, essential. Desperate the rednecks in order they don't dare to move. Here, he had believed the cause won, but, coup of theatre, it is a decline! So shall it be less at ease by going the next day to see your boss. You have done your job and will probably be congratulated.

* Example, when a guy tells you (and not ask) that he will made analyze  the water of the river, try to discourage it, it's expensive, it has no legal value , it is useless ... and if he don't yield,  announce nobly "I do not object" even though you can't do under any circumstances. He will thank you (maybe)...  or retort that "in every way you can't do." It's to try.

On the other side, do not be fooled. Point out the delay, but without aggressiveness. Make like if you are not cold, exhausted, upset. . Use a neutral or firm and resolute tone, "political", quiet, slightly condescending. Return to the subject constantly. Ten times if necessary and it is, usually. Be clear, correct, but always friendly, use the patient tone of a teacher to a bounded pupil. Don't hesitate, if you are confronted a lie or an against-truth, to denounce it with humour. Repeat you that  policies need you more than vice versa .. and all these theatre pieces are basically a circus where only are playing... the balance of power. The eidetic quibbles are just pretexts. Your elected knows very well that you are right, (morally and legally, it is evident) and that he is "wrong". He is already bad positioned with respect to you .. and his supposed caution on arguments he claims require..  is just a farce in order to avoid if possible to keep his promises ... or save face when he will be constrained to do.

What can I do, me, single, alone?  Tout. Everything. (In the shark's teeth.)

Quickly... an worrying new.. Vite fait, une inquiétante nouvelle

Non ce n'est pas de la clop dont je parlais ! No, I don't speak of cigarettes !


En vitesse, une inquiétante nouvelle.. Barak, à part d'être souriant, sexy et noir, tu délires (lien avec l'article de Julles)?
Barak, apart from being smiling, sexy and black, you delusions?


Des détenus indiens d'un centre pénitentiaire de Californie entament une grève de la faim pour dénoncer leurs conditions de détention (isolement sensoriel, c'est à dire torture, lien en anglais). (Link in english)

The redneck (I include myself) don't interest anybody.. unless..Rubrique "le plouc (je m'inclue) n'intéresse personne" même pas lui sauf...


s'il s'y intéresse lui-même! Merci à Honoré (lien) pour cette image.

What can I do alone ? the redneck interests nobody, not even him ... unless if he interests himself (link with the blog image of Honoré)..

Scandales en Sarkoland.. scandals in Sarkoland

All rotten, we knew. But at this point! link


Les rroms de Metz !

Même en ces temps cléments de vacances, n'oublions pas les rroms!

I am rrom. 
So what ?
Even in these sweet times of holidays, don't forget rroms !