Ce blog parle de villages dont on s'occupe peu dans les médias, parfois miniers comme Saint Florent sur Auzonnet, niché dans une vallée retirée, envaginé au creux de montagnes, Molières sur Cèze, Le Martinet, Saint Jean de Valériscles, La Grand Combe etc... Une vie poétique et dure à faire renaitre pour tous. Germinal. Ayant filé plus loin que prévu -grâce à Aliaa Elmahdy- il est à présent bilingue français-anglais. This blog speaks about Cevennes villages unknown in media, sometimes mining (coal), Saint Florent, nestled in a secluded valley, Molières, Le Martinet, St. Jean, La Grand Combe ... A poetic and hard life revives here. Germinal (Zola). Having spun further than expected, thanks to Aliaa Elmahdy, it is now bilingual. Note: if someone finds mistakes in english, I would be pleased if he corrects them ! Thanks. Hélène Larrivé

dimanche 25 novembre 2012

Viol, dommages collatéraux

En français ici (lien)

She was abandoned and "given" to families who had not taken cared of her [just for the money, employed by DDASS, social department for children and health], tried to find her parents, found them! when she was 17... and was once again rejected by them, violently... then drifted [drugs, alcohol] until her dead, at 30. Nobody could help her and among her family, nobody want to do it because she made them ashamed, for she was the symbol of the "degradation" (!) of her mother [despite she was beautifull, smiling, shiny, more than their others grandchildren whose they take great care!].. her mother who had been, her also, rejected since the birth of the baby, without work nor diplomas [may-be she became prostitute, nobody had never seen her again.] Result : a "good" catholic family now in social ascension, and two dead. Iphigénie's sacrifice.   

About rape. Sur le viol. Pour Anita

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