Ce blog parle de villages dont on s'occupe peu dans les médias, parfois miniers comme Saint Florent sur Auzonnet, niché dans une vallée retirée, envaginé au creux de montagnes, Molières sur Cèze, Le Martinet, Saint Jean de Valériscles, La Grand Combe etc... Une vie poétique et dure à faire renaitre pour tous. Germinal. Ayant filé plus loin que prévu -grâce à Aliaa Elmahdy- il est à présent bilingue français-anglais. This blog speaks about Cevennes villages unknown in media, sometimes mining (coal), Saint Florent, nestled in a secluded valley, Molières, Le Martinet, St. Jean, La Grand Combe ... A poetic and hard life revives here. Germinal (Zola). Having spun further than expected, thanks to Aliaa Elmahdy, it is now bilingual. Note: if someone finds mistakes in english, I would be pleased if he corrects them ! Thanks. Hélène Larrivé

lundi 16 juillet 2012

Le nouvel ordre mondial, The new mondial order

La crise par helenelarrive

But what can I do alone ?

“In fact, the financials are just thieves who have bought the right to rob from the governments.” (Edmond Goncourt.)

“Given the state of modern agriculture, we could feed 12 billion men. In other words, any child who dies of hunger is assassinated.” (Jean Ziegler.)

“The poor will be less poor when the rich will get richer” .. “The message passes wrong” .. “Smile more.”

Friday the 13th. Lotto.

“This is an hold up.”

(One sheep) “I tell you, the dog is working with the man” .. The others : “Stop with your paranoia !

The crisis explained to the people. “It's not complicated, what I lose, you pay back, and what I win, you lose it.”

“I think that financial institutions are more dangerous for the country than armies in line of battle. If the American people ever allows private banks to control their money, banks ... will deprive the people of all property, first by inflation, then by deflation, until their children wake up homeless dispossessed of the land their fathers conquered.” (Thomas Jefferson, visionary.)

France needs the money? A solution. 575 deputies, 342 senators, 30 ministers only for France. If we decrease their salary of € 1000/month, it would be 950 000 €  savings / month and 11.4 millions /year.” Signed: the people.

“A balanced budget, what is it? Well I'll tell you. When I spend 116 million for the presidential airbus .. I reduce the samu social grant.” (Sarko.)

“One Euro please to eat.” (A new austerity plan.) “What are they going to invent? Reduce the size of sidewalks?”

May 68, revolution. May 2012, resignation, family, work, uptake, individualism.

“They can’t tell the truth on TV, there are too many people watching.” (Coluche.)

We are the modern slaves, chains are no longer at our feet, but in our heads.

“We must learn, not for the pleasure of knowledge, but to defend ourselves the contempt in which the world holds the ignorants.” (Charlie Chaplin.)

Knowledge is a weapon.

Every war is to money (Socrate.)

Each has its priorities (pencils or bullets.)

37,000 €. Sarko wins the prize for the most expensive night of the G20.

Horn of Africa. famine threatens 12 milllion people. “Promised. The minute we finished with Greece, we take care of you.”

Tchernobyl : “about me, they told people that I had not crossed the border” ..  Fukushima: “for me, that I was not dangerous.”

“Sometimes I wonder where are we going?”… “Don't begin to do your egghead. (Slaughterhouse)”

If you behave like sheep, don't amaze you if you are mowed.

Work, buy, consume and die.

“But what can I do alone?”

Even more dangerous than the sound of boots, the silence of slippers.
Wake up, be indignant, rebel you.

“Dad, I want to lead a career in organized crime”... “In the government or in the private?”

When one man dreams alone, it is only a dream. But when many ones dream, it is the beginning of a reality.

“Don’t stay here, go to the Stade of France, the lawn is heated.”

“All goes well, we take care of you.” For your safety. (Slaughterhouse).

“I hope we can keep events under control when the policemen will realize we are also stealing their pensions.”

“We'll have to implement an austerity plan, guys !”

“The two seem so affectionate, so cute..  I hesitate ..”