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mardi 11 septembre 2012

Chez "ces gens-là", amon "these people"...

A Cysoing, chez chez "ces gens-là".. par helenelarrive

Lien avec le blog "Samudaripen" (le génocide des roms)

250 villagers of Cysoing (in the north of France) hardly protest against the implantation of a Roma camp in the near countryside... because...among other pretexts, they don't have enough police to deal with it! "I am not racist but "these people", less I see them and better I feel," said the woman at the beginning of the clip, and the young one just after complains to be frightened.. for her children who go to a private catholic school ! The mayor, at the end, speaks of "these people*" and the welfare of the "residents*" who want their tranquility.. and deplores of not having police (only gendarmes) to deal with them (!) so it is impossible (!)

* The word here is pejorative, and means not the same than "resident."