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mercredi 9 mai 2012

Pourquoi les HLM sont-ils parfois aussi délabrés? Pour ça. Why does the social housing are so dilapidated? So dirty sometimes? For that.

They are the cash cow of politicians. See. An emblematic case, more again if you compare with another one (link) .
Ce sont les vaches à lait de politiques. Une affaire emblématique
d'autant plus si on la compare à cette autre (lien).

Antoine Schuller ici dément magistralement les observations d'un article précédent (sur Marine Le Pen, lien) selon lequel les enfants de personnages.. disons discutables ! malgré leurs dénégations de surface, les soutiennent toujours car ils profitent de l'argent acquis. Il est vrai que je parlais de politiques ! Le cas est rarissime de l'un d'eux se défaussant aussi clairement de papa. Chapeau !

 Antoine Schuller, an exception very rare, dements here what I was saying in a precedent article (about the daughter of JM Le Pen, -link-) : the sons of "typical characters like Schuller" (!) big or little (in white collar and attache case or not) in spite of what they pretend and claim (in order to be elected in the case).. support their father because it is not easy to bite the hand who feeds you... and the money help them a lot.. paradox ! .. for their campaign! It is true that I was speaking of political men-women and Antoine is not. Bravo.

The video's translation 

To subsidize their electoral campaign, some political parties are accustomed to divert public money and sometimes not a little (the sums are enormous). One of these ways is the false bills, for instance they deal with companies which are supposed to do some work for a public site (city hall, social services and so on .. and who doesn't execute it as they ought to do)… nevertheless they are paid all the same ! the difference is in the pocket of the political party, and of course, all the intermediaries, political men, carriers-suitcases.. needed for such a job, who take their commission at the passage (enormous as we’ll see on video) .. The basic rule is to deal with some businessmen or rich one (in all the ways that it could be imagine) to obtain money (some millions, black money of course) with the promise, when elected, to send back the lift (for example to cut their taxes, to give them all the markets of building and renovation of social housing in the town and so on. Reward ! ) So, the public money needed by the poorest people (who lives in social housing), stolen, benefits to the richest, political men.. and  increases more and more their power like a pump which is starting up... After, it is easy (a child’s game) to the political men to use their power to remain unpunished. Richer you are, easier it is to escape police and justice : you can buy everybody or almost (by corruption..*) So did Schuller, Pasqua, and some French political men here. Nobody dare to go against them, not even their victims, too poor to react (and the victims are all society! Who is supposed to prosecute such delinquents?)

But it happens here that a excellent judge, (a special  “anti corruption” one, Eric Halphen), more curious than the others, investigates, discovers.. and distorts the whole machine. So, before a dangerous house search ordered by him, careful, Schuller, feeling the wind turning bad, runs away in Santa Domingo whose has no extradition treaty with France… and then, he begins another live (luxurious) exactly like a free and honest guy… with the complicity of everybody and here of the President himself, a great friend of him indeed. And he was supposed to be searched by all the policemen of the whole world.. who, no chance, cannot find him.

The story here is extraordinary because it is the own soon of Schuller, Antoine, (and a famous French actress, Marie Laforêt) who, disgusted, revolted by his father, has denounced him everywhere (FBI, French departments..!) ; he told all of them, and many times, where he was "hidden". In vain : no one answer! Then, in despair of cause, he decides to speak at the Medias. First a french diary, The Parisian, and after at TV as we can see. What happens ? Eric Halphen was taken off the case, lead to resign his charge (dismissal) after a black manipulation, and another more lenient magistrate was appointed at his place.

Epilogue : after a long time, Schuller was condemned to a light sentence, two years of prison, (a golden one) and a ridiculous fined. Eric Halphen became writer.             

It happens everywhere, in a enormous way here (Paris) or in a small one. It only depends of the importance of the town.

*On the precedent article (link), Magali and Jo living in social housing with 1000 €/month for 5 person are immediately prosecuted for some checks (about 100 €) that they have made for friends poorer than them, when, at the end of month, they have their fridge empty.. (checks returned about three days after when they perceive their salary). Mag has an authorization of overdraft and some stores cashes checks after more than one week.) That is not illegal, on the contrary, generous. But they have no money to defend themselves, no influent friends.