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lundi 7 mai 2012

Nous allons vers une 6ième extinction de masse mais cette fois c'est la nôtre ! We are runing into the 6th mass extinction, but this time, it is ours !

Je te l'avais dit, ma chérie que nous vaincrions un jour ces connards !

Nous allons vers une sixième période d'extinction de masse d'espèces et cette fois c'est la nôtre. Ce n'est pas un futur mais un présent. L'espèce humaine, comme les dinosaures, va disparaître. Certains considèrent que c'est inéluctable et même imminent (dans cent ans tout au plus) d'autres que cela pourrait être modifié ou retardé si nous changions immédiatement notre mode de vie dans les pays riches d'abord et même les autres. Moins (ou, mieux) pas de viande, moins nous reproduire et en général consommer moins, jeter moins, user le moins possible d'engins à moteur, voiture, avion etc... ce qui va à l'encontre de la "croissance" préconisée et promise par tous les gouvernements pour réduire le chômage.. et de notre désir, aveuglés que nous sommes par la publicité. Consommer crée des emplois en effet : celui de fossoyeur par exemple.. Vidéo de l'interview d'Hubert Reeves. 

A sad new, new for me because may be many people already know it, I am sure. We are now in the sixth period of mass extinction of species, and this time, that is us who are in the team. That is not a future but a present. The Human specie is going to disappear like the dinosaurs. Some scientifics consider that to be inescapable.. and almost imminent (in one hundred years, no more), according to some others, it could be stopped or only delayed if we change immediately our way of live in the rich countries first. Less (or, better) not at all meat, less procreate, and generally to consume less, discard less, use as little as possible engines, car, plane or even train and so on... Which comes up against the damned growth promised by all governments in order to reinsure people (that is going to reduce unemployment, give a better live for everybody as they say).. and our desire blinded by the publicity.. which leads us to confond to consume and to be, to have and to exist. It is true, consumption creates jobs: for example gravedigger. 

 Approximate translation of the video's text

First, he jokes about his age : "It is frustrating for me to think I am going to depart and I could not see all the brilliant discovering which will be done after me. I don't know what is going to happen after live but I am not sure that where we shall rest, we can receive scientifics journals nor if we shall be logged."

About the biocarburants (the journalist says that according to Jean Ziegler, they are responsibles of an crime against humanity and he adds "we have spoiled in 100 years, without counting, more than the half of an enormous stock of fossils energy that has taken 300 millions of years to be constituted"). Hubert Reeves : "at the beginning, its seemed a good way, but then, we have realized that it needs enormous fields of corn or palm and for that, mass deforestations of primary forests, an ecological disaster indeed. So we have the choice now : who deserves to eat, men or engines?"

About nuclear war. "From 1950 to 1980, we were very near of mass extinction: at all the moments, some thousands of megatons were ready to crash on our head. A nuclear war, it takes only 10 minutes, just the time for the rockets to cross Atlantic.. and all is over! In this period, all humanity could have been annihilated without realizing at all. But now, after Reagan and Kroutchev took conscience of the terrific danger of humanity's extinction and decided to disarm (to destroy their stocks of nuclear bombs) it is finished, this scenario is improbable." But [according to the journalist who interviews Hubert Reeves] "the nuclear danger remains -and increases- with Pakistan, Iran, China, Corea.." 

Question about mass extinction. "Do you think that the 9 or 10 billions of people who will be on the earth very soon, in 50 years, could live?" Hubert Reeves : "In theory yes but only if we completely change our way of live. First, eat less meat" (-I add-, not at all would be better) : "meat requires a lot of energy, of cereals, water.. and returns only a tenth of that." (So, I add, one meat-eater means nine who starve.) Meat is an indecent spoiling. "The earth could feed 9 billions of people indeed but not in the way we are spoiling energy now in rich countries" (I add, vegan or vegetarians people; not meat-eaters.)   

"We are now in a period of mass extinction : it is not only butterflies, frogs, and some insects whose people don't care (but whose species perish every days, entirely and forever) IT IS US. According biologists, big trees and all mammals whose weight is more than 3 kgs are going to disappear ; see on your scale to determine if you are in the team ! Only those who can live in harmony with nature could survive, as rats or turtle for example which exist for millions of years. Man cannot. We are predators, the worst who has ever been ; everywhere we plunder, we destroy the nature with an enormous efficiency and energy. So we'll perish. It is not a future, it is a present."