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vendredi 4 mai 2012

The poor hate the poor, and more again the poorer than they (sometimes). Politically incorrect, I don't care...

En français sur le "Canard du Midi" (lien) "Les pauvres haïssent les pauvres et plus encore les plus pauvres qu'eux (parfois). Une anecdote à Emmaüs." Cristo si è fermato a Emmaüs? (Le Christ s'est arrêté à Emmaüs.)

Short stop yesterday on the road of Anduze, to "Emmaüs".. Detente! That's what I thought. (Emmaüs is an association founded by Abbé Pierre who recovers various objects given by some people and sells them cheap to a public often penniless.) I go in the hangar (where are the clothes) with my dog, on leash of course. A young North African woman (20 years?) that I know but probably she does not remember me, stops me imediately: "Dogs are not allowed".

I think it is a joke. But no. "You can attach it to the entry" added the older volunteer. I tried but it is impossible : the dog risks to lead the table with its to join me! "Too bad for you.." I say and I turn on my heels, slightly irritated. That could have been the end of the story but no: the young woman feels obliged to give me an hard lesson with a moralist tirade : "It's normal, you do not come with your dog into a store, never!"... "Of course I do, except in food store, and where do you see food here?" The tone rises: "This is the case everywhere, you never take a dog in a any store" .. "Of course yes. Except if  it is said "No dogs allowed". And where do you see the advertisment ?" .. "That is evident (exasperated shrug) we don’t need to tell to a normal person" .. "No it is not evident and if being normal means being stupid, I prefer not to be normal like you.." .. "That’s enough, I call the chief who will fire you, I'm not going to be insulted by people like that.." .. "And by others, you can?" .. "Get out" .. So, my old terrorist's blood rises to the surface and I immediately returns to the hangar with Vôtan: "Okay, call your chief, go, it will be a great pleasure for me" .. "A crazy, completely chtarbi, foolish" she shouts in the wings to the volunteer who, appalled, says nothing ..

One detail: I came from an hard work, (construction, garden), exhausted, perhaps not quite presentable, looking more like a homeless woman than a philosophy teacher (at least in the archetype..) and "people like that" means, no doubt, me to be despisable as an homeless woman ! At Emmaüs ! The poors sometimes hate their colleagues or those they suppose to be so. Because they hate themselves as the society leads them to do.

Nothing more intolerant here than, precisely, "people like that" .. I mean like her. I crack: a beautiful angry teacher's tirade : "You who have left school without even a CAP (a very little diploma) which is not abnormal but rare, how dare you speak like that?" And there, like a hound stopped, she stopped screaming: "How do you know that?" .. "You have told me, you do not remember? I had even offered to help you."

In short, I was miserable. Well, it soothes, it is impossible to be a hero 24 h/24. Thereafter, she will pass and pass behind "us" (Vôtan and me) mumbling "and more, it stinks!" singular? plural? pretending to suffer martyrdom. (Possible, he "leaked" into the car and "feel" .. the dog.)

Question: why the maghreb people (often) hate dogs? And why this transfer, probably connected to the racism suffered, who founded the racialized to adopt towards which they believe dominate the same behavior than racists towards them? 

On other detail: Vôtan probably saved my life or at least drawn me from a serious situation, I do not know how it would have ended without him. http://cheminroque.blogspot.com
and deserved to be defended, even in this dubious manner : dogs save more lives than they cost (because it is true that there are accidents) it is immeasurable, and to refuse their help is stupid and sometimes criminal: in
Iran, during the earthquake, firefighters have asked in first priority .. for dogs! only able to find buried victims; they did not have any one ! And the time to get them, how many deaths that could have been saved?