Ce blog parle de villages dont on s'occupe peu dans les médias, parfois miniers comme Saint Florent sur Auzonnet, niché dans une vallée retirée, envaginé au creux de montagnes, Molières sur Cèze, Le Martinet, Saint Jean de Valériscles, La Grand Combe etc... Une vie poétique et dure à faire renaitre pour tous. Germinal. Ayant filé plus loin que prévu -grâce à Aliaa Elmahdy- il est à présent bilingue français-anglais. This blog speaks about Cevennes villages unknown in media, sometimes mining (coal), Saint Florent, nestled in a secluded valley, Molières, Le Martinet, St. Jean, La Grand Combe ... A poetic and hard life revives here. Germinal (Zola). Having spun further than expected, thanks to Aliaa Elmahdy, it is now bilingual. Note: if someone finds mistakes in english, I would be pleased if he corrects them ! Thanks. Hélène Larrivé

jeudi 30 mai 2013

La vie d'une vache à lait ou la vraie histoire de "Paf paf paf"

Parody of an advertisement for milk chocolates for children which is supposed to tell them the story of "Paf paf paf the cow". Do you know the story of "Paf paf paf" the cow? Once upon a time, there was a cow very cool...[....]

The true story of "Paf paf paf" now :
she will be imprisoned in a dark stable where she will barely can move, sometimes chained all her life!
insemination: she will be pregnant every year !
separated immediately from her calves !
One will have fired from its udders until 10 000 LITERS OF MILK A YEAR !
and when exhausted, she will be sent to slaughterhouse for an awfull death!

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